Campaign Design

Stalin has worked for a number of development campaigns, primarily designing communications:

Game4Change and Cricket for Peace, 2003-2005

Designed, along with the National Youth Foundation, the Swiss Agency for Development & Cooperation and Janvika, a series of ‘sports for development’ events across four states in the country. The aim was to use sports as the medium to engage with youth on issues of development and peace, by creating sports teams of half-Hindu and half-Muslim youth. Responsible for designing the branding of the event, including logos, flags, banners, slogans, songs and films.

Dalit Rights Rally, December 2003 – January 2004

The National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights-India (a network of human rights groups working with Dalits) undertook a rally through 18 states of our country, culminating in Mumbai at the World Social Forum. The brief was to train the rallyists in public speaking, creating slogans, drama,  music etc. and also to create a visual image of the rally consistent with the Dalit politics. Stalin and his team designed and printed posters, banners, jackets, headbands, flags, vehicle-design, etc. for the rally.

Another World Film Festival, Hyderadad, January 2003

Co-ordinated a film festival in conjunction with the Asian Social Forum held in Hyderabad. 78 documentary films and 24 feature films from across Asia were screened at this 4-day film festival. Designed the posters and the backdrop for the main plenary sessions at the conference, as well as for the Asian Youth Camp. The Asian Social Forum was held as a run up to the World Social Forum in Puerto Allegro, Brazil.

Campaign on Participatory Irrigation Management, Mehasana, 2002

The brief was to develop and perform a folk-play to create awareness on the need to form mandalis (collectives) for effective implementation of Participatory Irrigation Management. This campaign was commissioned by Ogilvy & Mather Outreach Program and was hosted by the Development Support Centre, an NGO working with farmers in Gujarat. Twelve shows of this play were performed in the Mehasana district of Gujarat.

World Conference Against Racism, Durban, South Africa, August-Sept 2001

The National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights-India (a network of human rights groups working with Dalits) had taken on the task of raising the issue of caste based discrimination at this UN-organised conference. Stalin’s responsibility was to ‘make caste discrimination visible’. Designed and executed posters, banners and art installations. Put together a 12-member percussion group with members from four states in India.

National Conference on Human Rights, Panchgani, 2000-01

About 150 groups working on human rights issues came together for a week-long conference from December 26th 2000 to 1st January 2001. Stalin led a team of architecture students to design and execute the entire media and arts work: conference logo, identity badges, food coupons, posters, banners, photo exhibitions, art installations, organizing evening cultural performances. He also designed a documentary film festival on human rights show-casing 64 films from around the world.

Elected Women’s Meet, Ahmedabad, 1997

About 65 women’s groups working in Gujarat State brought together approxmiately 1700 women who were elected as village council members or heads. Stalin’s work was to design the space, develop plays, interpret legal and administrative information using traditional art and craft forms, folk games, folk stories, design information kits etc.

Environment Fair, Kutch, 1995

Stalin’s task was to design and execute an ‘information fair’ for rural and largely non-literate women and men from Kutch, the desert district in Gujarat. Designed the theme mascot, venue and stalls. He led a team of artistically inclined activists and local craftspeople to create interpretive games using folklore, theater and popular games to impart technical and legal knowledge on environmental issues.

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  1. Hello Sir, my Self trupti..I want to become part of your development communication work..

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    plese let me know how to become part of your work

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