India Untouched

This documentary is the most comprehensive look at the “untouchables” in India. Motivated by ancient religious edicts, no amount of governmental encouragement has been able to stem the tragic custom that separates human beings according to their birth. Those considered untouchable suffer more than isolation, they are forced to fulfill menial tasks in their communities, drink from separate containers, remove their shoes on the street as a sign of respect and perform or exhibit many other outward signs of their perceived inferiority. While the media projects a positive image of a democratic India, filmmaker Stalin K spends four years traveling the country to expose the continued oppression of the Dalits, “the broken people,” in a wide variety of communities, including Sikhs, Christians and Muslims.


~ by stalink on June 19, 2010.

14 Responses to “India Untouched”

  1. Dear Stalin K,
    When I saw your film at Tribeca several years ago, we spoke briefly about running INDIA UNTOUCHED in the Port Jefferson Documentary Series, to be screened at the Charles B. Wang Center at Stony Brook University. Although I had yor business card, no one seemed to be able to get in touch with you. Every so often I check back on the film and I see that screeners of the film are available on Amazon. I would still like to run the film and would like to send you information about our series. Please tell me how to proceed.
    Lyn Boland
    Port Jefferson Documentary Series

  2. I saw the series. Born and raised in a city, I never imagined such a thing existed to such an extent all over India! Such an eye opener..great job on the movie, made with great subtlety!

  3. India Untouched.

    i have watch your documentary back when i was a student in Tiss and recently in NIRD, hyderababd as well. It was a thought provoking documentary. being a christian it was a new scenario and exposition to me. here in hyderabad, my classmates find it so overwhelming that they doubt the reality of some scenes.sir if possible could you please give me your contact number. so that we in the near future would like to hear from you on your documentary here at hyderabad.

  4. Dear Mr. Stalin:
    I want to thank you for producing this amazing documentary. I had my students in an Identity Politics class watch the clips on YouTube. Would love to purchase a copy for our library. Can you let me know who is distributing this in the US?

  5. dear sir,
    I am a student of NIRD,hyderabad.We are very thankful to you for producing such an incredible documentary.For many of us,it still looks like a fiction ,but as i have seen it by my own eyes in Bihar,i can assure its still prevalent & its a harsh truth for all indians.I have once try to talk to you on facebook also.I hope,IT WILL BE AN EYE OPENER FOR PEOPLE WHO ESCAPES FROM THEHIDDEN REALITY.THANKS &REGARDS.AMRISH KUMAR JOSHI

  6. Hi! I saw your documentary “India Untouched” for a class on Life a the Margins that is offered by our psychology department at the masters level. I think it is something that needs to be seen by the youth, especially those anti-reservation and who think that there exists equality in this country. It was very well made. Thank you!

  7. Sir … today I just saw myself , thanks for this effort your are taking to create awareness . we are all with you

  8. Hi Stalin,
    First of all i would like to salute you from my bottom of my heart the subject you have touched. Very few peple have that kind of guts to livw life with integrity. Today i got a chance to see you on TV. Please share me the link from where i can download your “India Untouched”.


  9. Sir,

    We, the Indian Students’ Association of UC Riverside would like to obtain permission from your organization to screen your fantastic documentary ‘India Untouched’, within the confines of a closed room for about 20 people on the occasion of the country’s 66th Independence Day.

    We will not be able to carry out the screening if your permission is not obtained. We would like a written authorization for the screening of the film. Please do let me know if this is possible.


  10. Articles like this are the reason I come back for more.

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