Highlights from the thirteen documentaries Stalin has directed include:

Our Water, Our Future

This film was made with the Northern Arapaho and the Eastern Shoshone tribes of the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming, US. Since water is more expensive than gas, it has become one of the most pressing issues in the American West. These two Tribes have one of the most extensive and valuable water rights in the US, yet many of them lack running water in their homes. In this film, 100 Voices from the Reservation explore why the Tribes have been unable to exercise their rights. In the process, they educate their fellow Tribal members about government injustice, reflect on Tribal responsibility and make a compelling call to action.

Gujarat – A work in progress

This film reconstructs, through interviews with survivors, the systematic carnage unleashed on the minorities in Gujarat in 2002. The film was put together for submission to the National Human Rights Commission when it first visited Gujarat in the third week of March 2002. Shooting started on the very first days of the riots and includes footage nowhere else captured. The raw footage is currently being used by activists in their court case against the government officials in Gujarat who are believed to have been in connivance in the continuance of the violence.

These Forests are Ours/ Jungle Amaru Tantra Tamaru

This film focuses on the violation of human rights of the tribals, their right over their forests and the importance of collectivization. Interweaving a street theatre format with documentary, it describes the functions, powers and duties of the Forest Department officials and also gives an understanding of the new Forest Bill.

A Bundleful of Fear/ Ek Poltlun Beek Nu

This is a dramatized narrative of 5 village women and their struggle for gender justice. It is about violence against women, the psychological effects of patriarchy and women‘s struggle to conquer Fear. It was conceptualized and scripted with women field workers of Mahila Samakhya, Baroda, who had all experienced violence in their own lives or were involved in collective attempts to resist it. These very women have also acted in this film.

From Strength to Strenght/ Basti se Basti tak

A film for community organizing made collectively with and based on the experiences of Shakti Mahila Sangathan, a women’s group working in an urban slum called Millatnagar in Ahmedabad. The women have used the film as a medium to portray their understanding on health, basic amenities, domestic violence etc.


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