About Stalin

Stalin K. is a media and human rights activist, with 20 years experience pioneering new models of participatory media. He is a teacher, trainer and an internationally acclaimed documentary filmmaker. He is India’s leading exponent of community radio, campaign design and community video. In 1991, when he was 23 years old, he co-founded Drishti, a media, arts and human rights organization based in India and was its Director till September 2008. He currently leads Video Volunteers (www.videovolunteers.org), an international organization dedicated to empowering community voices by setting up media projects around the world. As part of Video Volunteers, he has set up more than 15 community video units in India and Brazil.

This website details some of his work and projects.

42 Responses to “About Stalin”

  1. Dear Mr. Stalin,
    It was really interesting to read about your work and know about it from Ngo friends at Bangalore. I am from SRUSHTI ( Ngo) and we are working in North Karnataka, with children , building their capacity to enable children doing labour and household work to claim their right to education . In this regard we wish to intorduce digital media through radio and vedio films to communicate with their community and seek their rights.
    In this regard, I need your help to train our children at North Karnataka and set up a pilot program in 15 villages and support the ongoing program of Meena with Karnataka, Govt.
    Looking forward to hearing from you . Thanks , Regards, Lakshmi Hariharan, director, SRUSHTI

  2. want to join a course conducted by you to get myself trained in creating documentories could you give me more details on it. Is there any application that i need to fill it up, if so kindly forward the same to my email id given below. waiting for your reply, Chandini, Bangalore,

  3. want to know whether i can get trained in video shooting documentaries, anyn applications to be filled ?

  4. Will be able to be part of such group so that i can begin one in my native town?

  5. Hi sir,first of all commends 2 u 4 ur gr8 feats in d spheres so untouched,i just want 2 be a part f ur organisation nd am curious 2 work 4 a gr8 cause.Can I get some sort f training in video nd photography.pls do reply..

  6. Hi Bhaiya.
    Nice to see you. Wanna know more about this.

  7. Dear Mr. Stalin,

    It was very interesting reading about you, what you do and the history of Video Volunteers.

    I must thank you for the assistance extended in providing training for Sureka Samaresena through your organization.

    Thank you again and good luck!

  8. Hello Stalin,
    You are doing a great job. Keep it up.

  9. Hi Stalin, doing great job, seeing you after so many years, very happy seeing u as Human rights activist. KEEP IT UP.

  10. Hi Stalin,
    I am Adv. Asim Sarode from Pune. I am working on issues of human rights through direct intervention in the Court. I am in US to testify as a subject expert in the Superior Court of Orange County, California. I got to know from John Samuel that you are in US. I plan to travel to New York and Chicogo after my work in California is done. Is is possible for us to meet. If you can give me your email id or phone no I can update you on when my stay in California will be over. My temporary no in US is +17142657602


  11. namaste,
    i’ve just see your movie “India Untouched the darkerk siide of india” on youtube and i thanks you foe this amazing work.
    All the best for your project and remember
    that stalin commidet himself a mass mureder of milion of people.
    Like in the west we don’t really understand the caste and religious sisiem of India, so i found many indians that don’t uderstand political figure of west (like hitler ,stalin, and now all the neocolonialist and malthusian elite of the NWO)

    But your gesture of offering a glass of water It is so ‘simple and revolutionary at the same time that i was moved !!!


  12. Dear Stalin
    Hi! This is Aasha ,ex tee from Cee remember?
    Need to talk to you urgently.We at MET Bhujbal knowledge City Nasik are planning a communication development module for MBA students in Dec 2011.Wish to invite U as the resource person,could it be possible?


  13. Hi Stalin,
    I just watched “India Untouched : To those who claim there is no Castism in India! Research Documentary!”………I salute to your tremendous work and efforts to show the dark side……..nice work.

    I m a student of Indian Student Of Technology Kanpur and I m also feeling things here , in the behavior of all people here including of students and faculty members.

    My father is a government servant in Nuclear Power Corporation Of India Limited and he is also facing things from the beginning till now, when he got to retire, I think you must got my point and thank you.

    Best Of luck In the future.

  14. Dear Mr Stalin K,

    I’ve just watched your ‘India Untouched : To those who claim there is no Castism in India’ documentary and found it utterly fantastic and insightful. I read ‘A Fine Balance’ by Rohinton Mistry a few years ago and that was my first insight into the cast system of India. As the book was set in the mid 70’s I naturally thought that such crimes had long been eradicated.

    The treatment of the ‘Dalit’ people is something which unfortunately I have seen in parts of Brazil and probably other parts of the world too. This documentary does seem to show that castism is still very widespread in India. As a black man living in the west I am deeply appalled to see that brothers and sisters are still subjected to such inequality and slavery (physical, financial and mental), yet I am sincerely thankful that you and Rohinton Mistry have opened my eyes to issues not directly affecting me, but very close to me.

    Keep up the excellent work. If you can recommend any further reading I ought to find please get in touch. I hope to widen my knowledge in this area as on a whole the world seems to allow these atrocities and we must continue to fight against them.

  15. I don’t know where to start… after watching today’s episode of Satyamev Jayate, I instinctively felt I had to know more about you and the work you’re doing… and may I say that there’s a divine hand guiding people like you… while watching bits of your documentary ‘India Untouched’, I and I am sure countless Indians were touched by what we saw. It’s not as if I didn’t know This was going on, it’s just that it is easier if we Let It Be… but the image of that child refuses to go away… the child who can’t sit and eat with his mates and peers just because he is a dalit… and the way he said that he doesn’t understand what untouchability is all about was, at the risk of sounding dramatic, just heart-rending. I am privileged, to have never experienced such confusion and humiliation in my life… but am I better person if I don’t practice it but still see it happening around me every day of my life ? I am a 24 year old girl…and I hope that I don’t live the rest of my life thinking that I could have done more.

  16. Excellent, they way you put up and express the facts and reality of caste system by your subtle point of view through “INDIA UNTOUCHED” documentary.i think this Satire on closed mind set of human kind . i would like to give you the book “THE ANNIHILATION OF CASTE” Written by Dr.B.R. Ambedkar. well done keep it up Stalin K !!! Dr. Bhalchandra Mungekar, M.P. (Rajya Sabha) like they way you working with ground reality anything assistance do want from our side please let us know

  17. Hi Stalin,
    You are doing great job.I watched your interview in
    “Satyamev Jayate”,You travel over india and experience
    different situations about casteism in india, However
    you told that ‘Intercaste Marriage’ is only one solution
    to all this situation I m not agreed with this statement.
    I think you need to find the rootcause of casteism in india,why indian peoples are divided in casts etc..
    For this you can refer to “Manusmruti”,It gives best solution to you.I am not suggesting this because I am Hindu but understand real meaning of “Chaturvarna System”.

  18. I totally agree to your suggestion of inter religious marriages. I am a teacher and while I brainstormed the ways to remove the disparity, even the children suggested this. The so called ‘Milavat’ will help though great amount of tolerance and broad mindedness is required for that, and we have miles to go!

  19. Dear Mr. Stalin,

    We, the Indian Students’ Association of UC Riverside would like to obtain permission from your organization to screen your fantastic documentary ‘India Untouched’, within the confines of a closed room for about 20 people on the occasion of the country’s 66th Independence Day.

    We will not be able to carry out the screening if your permission is not obtained. We would like a written authorization for the screening of the film. Please do let me know if this is possible.


  20. apke sath film making ka kam kiya tha jalchitran jodhpur

  21. hay stalin aap jo mahilao ke liye kam karte vah sraniy he hamari anjio bhi yashe kam karti he

  22. Hello Stalin,
    The Kerala segment was an eye opener for me. Did you do any research on Kerala Muslims ? I was born and raised in Ernakulam and spent my first 23 years of life there and never witnessed any caste segregation. I was just curious to see if this exists among Kerala muslims ?

    Thank You for doing this excellent documentary – now I am more sensitive to the plight of the underclass

    Thank You

  23. Hello Stalin,
    We are bunch of students who wants to fight against. We have resources but we don’t have guidance. We believe that awareness is the best thing that can be done. But we don’t know how to proceed or what to do. Can you please guide us.

  24. hello stalin sir ,
    i wanted tocontact you

  25. respected stalin sir ,
    i m one of ur friend at facebook ,dear sir i want to talk with u on castism which is i m facing now,i just completed my bachlors in nursing frm maharashtra,as i talked u previously with u sir that i m in love with one girl frm 3 years but she is frm lower caste i want to go beyond that,so urs support very much needed, so please sir consider me

  26. My self manish pawar one of ur friend on fb ,sir i already taken suggestion frm u about my love.sir i had completed bechlors in nursing .sir l want to work with u whatever it may be.bcoz if i will work with u my parents consider me for marriage with my girlfriend bcoz they r familier with u,had introduced them about u .(my gf is from sc cast and i m from obc cast).i feel too much dificulties reguarding intercast marriage,sir plz help me, working with u ,surely help me to get married with her and also help me to learn many more things from u.stalin sir i promise u my skills and nature will sure at somehow extent help u.plz sir consider me.for my love and future u r only one hope,my heart says u will help me.
    I m frm middle classs family ,i get educated in maharashtra and my family is settled in surat.08128518135,and 08407924823 r my contact nums.i hope u wii cl me sir ,please please stalin sir.

  27. Great work, changing the wold through images

  28. Myself Pravin Kadam PS to Dr.Bhalchandra Mungekar M.P We had talk earlier. Please give me ur Mobile number

  29. Great Sir, I knew your father in person. But you are entirely different and smart.

  30. Dear sir,
    Thanks for showing mirror image of our society in concern with cast.I saw in one clip that,you have taken interview of Brahmin pandit of kashi.The way he was talking about cast look like that he was illiterate.We are not bothered about what an illiterate people say .I will request you to also visit the gayatri priwar,shantikunj,haridwar to understand actually meaning defined for castism.Still many people confused with vedas and cast definition and think them self that he belongs to lower cast.But actually not.
    Finally,I will strongly request you to visit SHANTIKUNJ,Haridwar to understand this cast system as per veda.
    Web site:awgp.org and
    I am sure that u will put some effort on this.U have enough information on cast system but pls do not take it is as ego.You are a social worker so of course have no ego that you know all this.Pls must visit website and haridwar.You will be surprised to know that at this place shantikunj ,no cast and who is pandit. Trust me.
    Now a days need to educate people in scientific way.

    Awaiting for your comments.

    Thanks and regards
    Ranjan Kumar,/// ranjanb4u@gmail.com

  31. Good evening sir,

    Thanks for favorable comments.Batudatt Prasad Sharma Shashtri is at higher position ,was not know to me.
    Even,after getting education,he consider women and dalits are as slave as per veda.

    Thanks and regards
    Ranjan kumar

  32. Dear Stalin K Padma,
    We are doing a feature on how the caste system in practiced by the people of the Indian sub-continent in Australia for SBS (Special Broadcasting Service), an Australian government sponsored radio station that broadcasts in 72 languages including Gujarati, Hindi, Malayalam, Punjabi and Tamil. Visit http://www.sbs.com.au for further information.
    We were appalled by what Batuprasad Sharma Shastri had to say about the caste system in your documentary titled, “India Untouched,” and would like to use that in our segment. We would like your permission to do so.
    Can you please respond to this request to kulases@sbs.com.au
    Thank you, and keep up the good work.
    Warm Regards,
    Kulasegaram Sanchayan.

  33. India’s complex Caste System is so Irrational Unjust and Unscientific, it is Matchless Concept in the human history, which is ingeniously created by Brahmins (Arians) on the name of the Religion to gain their own Gluttonous and Greedy Benefits and Advantages. Caste System is not only Racism, but it is much more Vicious, Venomous, Evil and Cruel; Caste System is Racism, Fascism and Nazism…

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