India Untouched

India Untouched -Stories of a People Apart

This film is perhaps the most comprehensive look at Untouchability ever undertaken on film. Spanning eight states and four religions, this film will make it impossible for anyone to deny that Untouchability continues to be practiced in India.  The film introduces leading Benares scholars who interpret Hindu scriptures to mean that Dalits ‘have no right’ to education, and Rajput farmers who proudly proclaim that no Dalit may sit in their presence, and that the police must seek their permission before pursuing cases of atrocities.

  • Silver Dhow, Second-best Documentary, Zanzibar International Film Festival, Tanzania, July 2008
  • Golden Conch, Best Documentary, Mumbai International Film Festival, February 2008
  • Best Film of the Festival, Mumbai International Film Festival, February 2008
  • Best Documentary, Mahindra IAAC Film Festival, New York, November 2007
  • Best Film, One Billion Eyes Film Festival, Chennai, India, August 2007
  • DC Meets Delhi Film Festival, Washington DC, September 2007
  • CineCufa Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, September 2007
  • Hamptons International Film Festival, New York, October 2007
  • Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, November 2007
  • Mini Indian Film Festival, Connecticut, November 2007
  • Amnesty International Film Festival, Netherlands, March 2008
  • Tallahassee Film Festival, Florida, May 2008
  • India Express Film Festival, Netherlands, November, 2008

India Untouched is on YouTube.

Click here for a series of short interviews with Stalin on the subject of caste.

The film attracted lots of press attention – here is an article that appeared in The Hindu.

102 Responses to “India Untouched”

  1. […] K., Managing Trustee, Video Volunteers India, who was at Jaaga for the screening of his film – India Untouched. Stalin’s own experience as a documentary filmmaker, media trainer and human rights activist from […]

  2. Sir stalin i liked your work on untouchability…
    I saw your episode on star plus…
    And i think untouchability should be vanished from INDIA…

    • Sir .. I am an IIT student and I am a scheduled caste. I am in deep love with a girl from naidu caste who is willing to marry me. Can u suggest me a better way to convince their family as their family is against intercaste marriages

  3. The work that Mr. Stalin k Is Doing We should thank him for that and god bless to him…

  4. .i just saw few parts of this ducu named “india untouched” on aamir’s tv program. it shows the crual truth of our so called civilized and democratic society. similar experiences and not one but many. i also have felt in my own life so far. in cities, as he said very rightly, the way of discriminating so called lower class has changed. i tell you one shocking and recent incident of my life, My wife is an HR officer in a navratna PSU. she happend to the member secratory (representative of SC/ST) of selection committee for the selecion of technicians. for the company. there were five or six members in the panel. one candidate gave his inteview for the post. and he performed well in the interview. but one mamber of the committe who was at a very senior position in the company, commented as “this category people needs only 12 out of 30 marks, so let us give him 14 marks”. my wife objected on his comment and argued that it is not that we are giving marks to the candidates based on their category but based on their performance in the interview. so if a person perfofming well in the interview and belong to unreserved category gets 26 marks, why should not a person belonging to SC/ST category and performing equally well, get only 12 or 14 marks. the n the situation became uneasy in the panel and then only the candidate was awarded justified marks for his performance in the interview. but since then my wife has never been chosen as member secratory for any such panel after this incdent. always any such person is chosen as member secratory who keeps mum during interviews and represents SC/ST just for sake.

    • thats really ridiculous brother Anil. Shame on the thinking of that kind of silly people their degrees and education are nothing because they have no sense and respect for humans. thats why India is not America because no equality for depressed and women.

    • veiled discrimination is also practised in some private sector companies in mumbai! obviously one gets job in private companies here based on experience and qualifications and there is no need to announce that you belong to scheduled caste…..but…..when they come to know….you feel it!!! your contributions, even if surpasses others take back seat and you are forced to leave….all this in the name of “office politics” !

      though we quicky get another job, these hard facts are conveniently forgotten by us and the general public…in a cosmo who cares….but you feel it…

  5. This is too much motivational film for poorest. It help to struggle against atrocity.

  6. Mr. stalin , today i seen ur interview in satyamev jayate. We salute ur devotion. I was also travlled all maharashtra rural n urban area. i feel d untouchability problems.

  7. Mr. Stalin , you are real hero..i am making you,, wherever i ll live in India.. i will finish this cast ism and..will ignite to spark to my society..
    this film is not an imaginary.. its reality.. nd we youngster.. do.. the right thing for coming better CASTISM LESS INDIA..

    Arun Sharma

  8. how i want to download this picture pliz help me

  9. many dalit was converted muslim, christian, sikh for hiding there untouchably but as per ur documentry they remain untouchable
    hence dr. ambedkar was not accept those religions.
    sir u have to show dalit who converted to buddhism they all are happy and groving fastly.

  10. Honourable Mr Satlin,

    First of all I would like to salute the work you are doing for the broken people fo India sicne centuries.After watching Indi Untouched oen thing i realized wherever low cast people go means adpot any religion they will always remain low cast ( coneverted).I could find only way shown by Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar to adopt Buddhism at least we ger rid of caste.


  11. Mr stalin Heartiest thanks for this document ago I belong to SC community and I saw your documentary two years ago 2010 on youtube while I were really depressed with these bad behaviour of so called upper people though I am an 26 yr old engineering graduate My dad is an First Class Govt officer my whole family lives a respectful life but these upper caste still behaves very badly with us I dont know what thier problem is? what type of ego they have? How they feel good inside their soul by hurting feelings and forbidding children from living a respectful life.. shame on them and curse on them God will neve forgive them.
    Since I saw your documentary two years ago I postedcand share it alwys with my friends and on facebook.
    Thanks for your brave and heroic effort Stalin sir. May God bless u !!

  12. Dear Stalin,

    I have seen your film – UNTOUCHED INDIA for the first time two years back, thereafter I have shown it to lot many friend and relatives. All who see this revolutionery film of your for the first time, are shaken to their core. Tears starts rolling as the film unwinds for more than 3 hours. An extremely well documents and painstaking effort by you and your team for which you deserve a SALUTE of the highest order. Only one thing I wish to point out that the UNTOUCHABLES shown by you in the film are not – SUDRAS as stated in the filthy Sanusmriti, they are the ATI-SUDRAS, who are no where mentioned in the Manusmriti. They are AVARNAS – people who are not counted as human being in the Varna system. The SUDRAS as per the Manusmriti are not UN-touchables but the OTHER BACKWARD CASTES – the OBCs in the country who are not even aware that they are Sudras, the lowest Varna. The biggest taredgy is that these Sudras – OBCs are used as weapon by the Brahminical social order to supress, oppress and exploit the Ati-Sudras – The Untouchables, and strengthen the Varna Systeme – Brahmincal Social order. An extremely good example where “Slaves enjoying Slavery and exploiting the other weaker slaves”. These Sudras as per the Varna system are no one but the Martha Kunbi of Maharastra, the Yadavs of UP and Bihar, the Reddy of Andhra, the Nairs of Kerela, all of whom think they are Brahmins or nearly Brahimins. These Slaves of the system are the ones who are the once who are exploitating the Ati-Sudras : The untouchables on the directions of the Brahminical Social Order. If the largest population of this country the OBCs, who constitute more than 65% of the population are educated and reminded that no one but they alone are the Sudras:The slaves of the sytem, they will revolt against this system as was done by Great visioneries in the Sudras (OBCs) comunity such as Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, Chatrapati Sahu Maharaj, Chatrpati Shivaji Maharaj, Prabodhankar Kesavarao Thakre (Father of Bal Thackery). If this dream come true their will be no place for such slavery for the Sudras (OBCs) and Ati-Shudras (SCs) on the face of this Great Democratic, Secular country : INDIA which is existing for the last 3000 years and it will be once for all wiped out, eradicated, destroyed. As you have to wait for such a revolutionery think to come a National network for such a long time, but ultimately suceeded. Similarly the days of oppression, exploitation of the Untouchables will also come to an end and the dream of Bharatratna Babasaheb Ambedker will surely come TRUE.

  13. amazing video… shows hw backward we are and still call ourselves modern….it shows as to hw people have lost Humanity by diffrentiating….

  14. I just feel ashamed about this untouchability,because i never noticed it. Hope i do anything for it. Just needed to think….

  15. Dear Stalin,

    Can I buy some DVDs/CDs of this documentary? Would you please let me know how I can buy them so that I can spread your message and support your work as well ? Please let me know the way to get them by email?


  16. श्रीमान स्टालिन जी को में धन्यवाद देना चाहूँगा. उनके इस योगदान के लिए, जो की एक समाज की वास्तविक स्तिथि को प्रस्तुत करते है. मेंने उनकी पूरी मूवी देखि है और में उनका दिल से दुबारा से धन्यवाद देना चाहूँगा.

  17. Sir,

    I salute you and your work. I am a Dalit and right now I am in Charlotte, NC, USA. Please let me know how I can contribute.

    Surati Dhaval

  18. Dear Brother Stalin,
    Thanks a lot for taking pains and your precious time to reply to my comments. I tried to get you e-mail ID, but could not do so, I will be extremely grateful to you for the same.

  19. First of all i want to salute Stalink Sir to raise such a sensitive issue on national TV and your work in this area.It is really a matter of shame for any civilized society to follow such practices for so many year. it is almost more than 65 years and still follow such humiliation and narrow mindedness. politician use this for secure their vote bank otherwise there are are IAS,IPS, MLA’s,MP and other prominent leaders from these caste ,what there are doing?
    I think after wining their elections they shifted to General caste every-time.
    This is biggest block in path of progress of India. We cannot trust and expect too much on this from our politicians.Every Indian must start to do something on their own to eradicate this social epidemic.Dr B R Ambedkar said that there will be a time when India will become one nation. He were visionary leader and we must follow him to put our effort for one society one nation .

  20. I salute you and your research work for oppressed community.I am mechanical Engineer and since from our college time we want to do something for this.But,unfortunately we did not find right guidance and direction. we searched lot on internet and other media but the way you handled this is truly amazing.
    Thanks,once again.
    We think you should also work on expose discrimination in all leading institute like AIIMS,IIT,NIT etc because in recent year there is lot of news,deaths from there. SC students and SC faculty members both are tortured in many way over there. This could be one area.
    Please, let us know how can we contribute in movement or help you in your work.
    once again thanks and best wishes to you for this work of humanity.

  21. I have done that already and educating my friends about this as well. I have done my Master’s here and working in IT field. I would love to contribute significantly for this challenging task. Please let me know if I could be more helpful. Thanks!

  22. Stalin Sir,

    I would like to introduce myself as an educated scheduled caste bachelor who is searching for a suitable match ….. I also have faced incidences of cast-ism during my school days…..One example: I scored better then a general category student in engineering entrance exam & both of us went to meet our teacher….at that time that student told our teacher “I have scored better then him but he will get chance in engineering as he is SC”. At that instant of time i decided that I will merry a girl of my caste only so that another SC girl gets a good EDUCATED MATCH….Here i disagree with your statement of inter caste marriage proposal in Satyameva Jayate….even though its easy to get a match for myself from upper caste….

  23. Dear Stalin sir,
    Good work. I want to work with you on this cause. Please let me know how can I reach you. I live in USA and like Surati, I too want to contribute in any form to improve the living conditions of our community.

  24. dearest stalin
    i was ecstatic and emotionaland proud to see you on undergone complete changeover from what i saw you last in jaipur.but yes you look hep man.i am pramila chechi.i am your aunt sarala’s daughter. hope you remember our meeting in jaipur.great to see you contributing to soceity in such a strong and positive way.i wish you all success and acheivement in your further endeavours.sashi,my husband,hope you remember him send his fond regards to you.keep up the great job and all the best.would be delighted to hear from you.

  25. Hats Off to you Stalin..

  26. hello Stalin sir,
    i saw your film . good work sir . I want to work with you . Please let me know how can I reach you. I too want to contribute to improve the living conditions of our country.

    kaustubh bhore

  27. hello sir,we are from shivamogga(karnataka).your documentary motivates us we are want to discuss about this film, so,kindly send a mail to us (

  28. hi sir, i want dvd of india untouched. where

  29. Dear Stalin sir,
    i just saw your documentary “India Untouched”. It exposes the truth about India. Keep doing the great work.
    BTW, my mom and dad’s is inter-caste marriage, they broke the laws of manu in 1982. I am proud of that.
    It might be much pain taking and risky work for you and your team. I salute and congratulate you for this brave work!
    Inter-caste marriages result in hybrid,better, resistant progeny and result in making the population stronger and hence strong country. Hence we should support Inter-caste marriages, by giving protection to those who came forward for inter-caste marriages or love marriages. Then only India can progress. Hats off to you sir!

  30. this is an documentary which actually shows….how w r civilised and educated even ……65 independence …….jus think about this…..thank u sir

  31. Many Many Thanks to Stalin sir. Sir if because of apartheid , country like south Africa has been banned in many sports and games for a long time ,why should not india be banned because of horrible inhuman caste system ??

  32. Dear Mr. Stalin,

    Is it possible to buy the DVD ‘India Untouched’, please?

    yours sincerely,
    Valerie Delaey

  33. good film

  34. I did not realise the extent to which a cast state of mind was so ingrained in the social norms of daily life, nor did I realise the extent of discrimination and human rights abuses carried out in the name of cast purity . . .

    The priestly cast will always act to maintain their presiding legitimacy to conserve the status quo. It’s worrying that common sense and reasoning
    are absent when engaging with the philosophy of Shankaracharya and its rituals and laws fatalistically upheld, without a critical eye.

    Transcending this divisive cultural ideology is a huge challenge, and I admire you for dedicating your time to it. I hope to come to India to help in some way soon.

  35. sir
    श्रीमान स्टालिन जी को में धन्यवाद देना चाहूँगा. उनके इस योगदान के लिए, जो की एक समाज की वास्तविक स्तिथि को प्रस्तुत करते है. मेंने उनकी पूरी मूवी देखि है और में उनका दिल से दुबारा से धन्यवाद देना चाहूँगा.
    aap ka mail id chahta hu sir

  36. Stalin, excellent, how do I purchase a copy.

  37. by a boy belong to caste tagged to be “lower”:-
    From where did it start,
    And where will it end,
    One question that troubles me,
    Can I put an end?

    I saw a question,
    On each of my friends face,
    Rather an expression,
    That I’d never want to see again,
    Making me feel,
    As if I made a mistake,
    what can I do
    for whom I can blame,
    I wasn’t the one,
    Who started this game.

    I know it feels terrible,
    to see the lesser deserving gain
    a feeling that can make me feel the same,
    but what can I do,
    I wasn’t the one to start the game.

    U try to be on my side,
    Feel the things that make me feel run away,
    Feel to lose some just because,
    U r not born as the same,
    To swallow the comments that,
    Some people through away,
    To answer the question,
    That make u feel culprit,
    Without even knowing,
    Why r u being blamed.

    U be on my side
    and see how the game change,
    The only solution that I can get is,
    Is to feel each other’s pain,
    If sorrow makes one cry
    the other wipes the face,
    The solution I get to my question is,
    To care……..
    i salute your work sir.
    Deep Vishal

  38. […] pense par exemple au système de castes (voir le documentaire untouched india by Stalin K) qui definit les relations entre les individus. Anuradha Ghandy (The caste Question returns) le […]

  39. And Here is the unreportd,unnoticed,unpublished,unheard,unseen,heinous, Intentionally hidden brutal reality of INDIA (so called developing) which is kept covered for hundreds of Years.
    Sir,I beg you Please go with camera and some Courageous News channels (if any) to IITs,IIMs,AIIMs,NITs and Disclose their TRUTH also.
    Their professors says “”here is no discrimination”.Sir,Just ask them one question That How many of IITs,IIMs,AIIMs,NITs professors are ready for Narco test/Hypnotic regression test (during which person cannot lie,and tells the truth only).
    If there is no discrimination then Every IIT/IIM/AIIMS/NIT techer will be ready for Narco/H.R. test or any other test or enquiry.
    BUT if there is Discrimination then .NO IIT/IIM/AIIMS/NIT teacher will be ready for any test.They will deny test/interview/enquiry to HIde the TRUTH from world.
    Their denial for test alone will be sufficient to prove their secret conspiracies.No need of any test/ enquiry.

    your lifetime supporter

  40. Many authors,News paper reporters and tv channel were already aware about this untouchability. As these national/International media owners kept it deliberately hidden for direct/indirect,visible/invisible, immediate/delayed,known/unknown,present and future benefits.
    SHAME on such media people,Such notorious government (actually there is no govt in India for law & order,peace,equality) and Those who differentiate between human beings based on color,caste/religion/country etc.

  41. Respected Stalin Sir, If you provide HINDI subtitles (and subtitles in Major state languages) to “India untouched ” & “Lesser Humans ” documentaries.then Most of the people who don’t understand English will also be aware of The brutal hidden truth responsible for decline of India.
    Sir if you direct these tasks of subtitles conversion to IIDS (Indian Institute of Dalit studies) or some related organizations they will willingly do it. and Millions of people will be awakened.
    Millions of Thanks and life time support for your work and team.

  42. Hi Stalin, My wife and I have been to India five times to train teachers in the use of her English Medium literacy course called “Fun Family Phonics.” We were invited by Dr. Joseph D’Sousa of AIC to teach in Operation Mercy India Foundation Schools. As we need to raise funds here in Canada to support these efforts, we are often asked: “Who is is a Dalit?” Your film does a marvelous job of answering that question. How can I purchase a DVD copy of the whole film, 1:50min? Thanks.

  43. Hi Stalin, Thank you very much for the wonderful Documentaries. I was in a impression that cast system is almost gone from India. But was very sad to see it still exist. Looking for someone in Inda someone like Rosa Parks.

  44. Dear Stalin,
    I watched your documentary last night and I cannot express how much it has moved me. An “upper” caste upbringing in a sheltered life in a big metro left me quite ignorant of the incredible reality facing Indians like me today. In particular I would like to express my appreciation for the attention you have paid to the children in your film. The beauty and innocence in their eyes could not mark out a starker contrast to the terrible words that they utter, when they are confronted with this abomination of society.

    I am a cognitive scientist and am keenly aware of the beauty and complexity that is present in human behaviour; affected a great deal by the care, and nuturing an individual received during early development. I am greatly disturbed by the amount of psuedoscience being spouted by some of these loathsome characters. India seems to be the last safe refuge of the social darwinistic nonsense and these monsters conviniently seem to cite its principles to suit their own needs. The indoctrination of the young is such a terrible mechanism by which this social sewage continues to flow.

    It is clear to me that this disgusting self-perpetuating by-product of an ancient era can end only into the hearts and minds of the young, as you so beautifully demonstrated in the last couple of minutes. While I am keen to contribute to its demise in any way I can, I believe that assisting in education of the young and bright minds is a sure-shot way to end it. The illuminating light of reason and rationality can be the only hope to restore social equality; religions have clearly failed to do so, as you managed to capture accurately.

    I feel an irresistable urge to consiously act towards this goal, of volunteer education of the oppressed and the poor of India. I will be following your facebook page closely for projects where I may contribute to the best of my abilities.

    Looking forward to many more such excellent works from you.

  45. Thank you making such a powerful film. The only thing I saw missing was a visit to the Buddhist community. Keep up the great work.

  46. […] meeting evry year on Ambedkar Jayanti, this 14th April, was made special by the screening of India Untouched, a film made by Director Stalin, over a period of ten years document acts of untouchability across […]

  47. sir i am so proud to be converted to buddhist from hindu by Bharatratna DR,B.R.Ambedkar .Because tjere is no chaturvarna system in buddhism like in hinduism.

  48. I would like to buy a DVD a few DVDs of the film, for me and and friends. Please tell me how do I do that.

  49. Sir i want join ur struggle

  50. I want to join ur struggle

  51. this is a true story. I would appreciate it truly. A very admirable effort by Mr. Stalin k. It conveys a real message and opens the truth of society in front of people and also tells them what are they doing. Again I would say its a very nice effort by Mr. Stalin.

  52. Sir Stalin.

    मैं आपको सलाम करता हूँ की आप दलित लोगो के लिए कार्य कर रहे हैं।
    मैं भी छोटा सा ऐसा ही काम करता हूँ जब मैं फ्री रहता हूँ लोगो में जागरूकता फैलता हूँ। मुझे कुछ Guide चाहिए जिस से और ज्यादा इस पर कार्य कर सकु।

    बिनोद कुमार

  53. i do not have words to tell you how much i moved by this movie…..though i myself come from a brahmin family…..but i have witnessed these caste class biasness…they are like thongs in my heart…..suprised to know this is not just the plight of hindu societicies but its there everywhere…i too want to be part of this campaign …..hope to make some difference……wonderful work Sir…….loads of applauds

  54. sir i am very much touched by seeing the untouched. go on with your struggle, we are with u
    Anitha A K

  55. its very sad to see that caste system stilll resides in our society and in our houses too( because it is happening from my parents side). I somewhere feel that we should think of to start counselling from both the ends as in the youth and the parents of iour society as they are not able to overcome their mental barriers even if their children try to convince them. because somwhere parents are also playing an important role here. this is what i feel.

  56. […] For more information or to contact Stalin K. please post a reply on Stalin’s blog here.… […]

  57. […] take place, our office organized an impromptu screening the night before of a great documentary, India Untouched, which helped me to contextualize the depth and complexity of caste relations in the country. Like […]

  58. […] Image Source […]

  59. fantastic and bomblastic…..

  60. The link is now showing as blocked. I had seen this documentary when it was aired. Is there anyway to get this documentary via online?

  61. Dear Stalin, though the context and contents of the film were known to me in a general sense, as for everyone who are familiar with the Indian society I didn’t have the faintest idea that it would be so shocking and the real social picture of casteism so disgusting. I appreciate the way you made children a prominent part of the documentary as it revealed the poignancy of the issue. I would like to buy a DVD of the film, if it is available. I tried to find one in Amazon, but could not. How do I buy a DVD copy? Greetings and appreciation for the historic work you did.

  62. Where and how can I but a DVD of this film? I use it in my Global Studies class. Best work I’ve seen on Caste System! The students are changes by it! Please help!

  63. […] name of religion. To know more, Award winning Documentry filmmaker Stalin K Padma’s “India Untouched” is among the best works and is recommended to know more about Untouchability today. Have a […]

  64. Very good presentation
    Hats off
    Our mass media is hesitant to broadcast ur work as they fear awakening of self respect among the deprived class… fearing that they might lose cheap labour
    …. anyway good and authentic work sir
    Need more like this to show ppl who say caste discrimination is bygone

  65. […] Image Source […]

  66. Hello, mister Stalin, I am a dutch man (50) living in Poland (yes). I have never been to India but I’m planning a trip. I am thinking of teaching English there in the countryside, to poor people. In researching this trip I stumbled on your documentary about untouchables in India. I was very moved by this story. Now I’m thinking I should teach English to poor Dalit children, or to any Dalit people. I would like to hear from you if you can help me in this respect. Can you tell me if this is a good idea and how should I go about it? Do you know any people or organizations that can help me or maybe I can help them. As I am poor myself, I aim to help people for room and board, as the experience itself is most important to me. I can live in poor conditions, I have no material needs (except for food and a place to sleep). Thank you for your time and for your movie, it was very well made.

  67. Sir you have shown the reality of people.if people belongs to any religion or any high position this caste system is still really hats off sir.

  68. Sir,
    We are very impressed with your documentary work of untouched India. We are very much interested to get into with either Bengali Sub title or Bengali version. Our organization is Mulnibasi Samiti working in Bengal. We need your kind cooperation.
    Yours sincerely,
    Pijush Kanti Gayen.

  69. hello sir,
    I am fighting against casteism, this discrimination leading India in opposite direction, I need your help.

  70. […] Germany: Peter Lang. Karup, S. (2007). India untouched: Stories of people apart. Retrieved from Kamble, K. (2007, January 2). Saviribai Phule neglected by Indian society: Bhujbal. Oneindia News. […]

  71. It’s important for people to know what is happening in other countries. Thank you. It helps me to understand the various cultural backgrounds of the people that I meet and interact with in my life.

  72. […] take place, our office organized an impromptu screening the night before of a great documentary, India Untouched, which helped me to contextualize the depth and complexity of caste relations in the country. Like […]

  73. […] of prejudice’ I didn’t quite understand what it meant. He shared a documentary movie named ‘India Untouched’ on the existing caste biases in India shook me to the core. Growing up, I had been aware of the […]

  74. […] Once I started following more readings on the issue, I came across a documentary movie called ‘India Untouched’ on the existing caste biases in India which shook me to the […]

  75. Sir i am a social activist and very inspired by your work, the way you fearlessly showed the world about the reality of casteism, i also want to do something for the awareness of this issue, i would be very grateful if you give me the chance to work on it under your guidance,thank you.

  76. […] meeting evry year on Ambedkar Jayanti, this 14th April, was made special by the screening of India Untouched, a film made by Director Stalin, over a period of ten years document acts of untouchability across […]

  77. […] meeting evry year on Ambedkar Jayanti, this 14th April, was made special by the screening of India Untouched, a film made by Director Stalin, over a period of ten years document acts of untouchability across […]

  78. […] Image Source […]

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